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Universal Interactive Maps

The Esri ArcGIS powered interactive maps showcase the performance of countries on each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Visualize countries' current performance or visualize trends to see which countries are on track.

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Geospatial Work

At the SDG Transformation Centre, we seek to produce new original geospatial indicators for the SDGs that can fill in critical data gaps and better inform the current state of a set of Sustainable Development Goals at local and national scales in a more timely and granular fashion.

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View Rankings & Scores

Each report assesses the progress of all 193 UN Member States on the SDGs. In addition to overall scores, we also feature a spillover index that tracks countries' positive and negative impacts abroad, as well as a Leave-No-One-Behind index.

Analyze Country Profiles

Our reports feature a dedicated profile page for each UN Member State, showing performance and trends by SDG and by indicator. By clicking on a goal or indicator, you can view historical timeseries (when available) and detailed indicator metadata in the side panel.

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Accessing Data

Download and visualize our data (with the help of Esri's ArcGIS Hub) to create indices of your own to help advance our goal to improve sustainable development, wherever you are.

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Visualize countries' current performance or trends from all SDG Index reports to see which countries are on track.


Search SDG Transformation Center data, apps and documents stored on Esri's ArcGIS.


Use the data in your initiatives and create your own StoryMaps and Solutions.

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The SDG Transformation Center

The SDG Transformation Center is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and operates under the leadership of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.

Created at the halfway point of Agenda 2030, the SDG Transformation Center aims to operationalize the SDGs as an investment and action agenda through the Six Transformations framework.

We work with UN agencies, governments, investors and advisory firms to provide tools and a platform for promoting evidence-based action for the SDGs. The Center leverages data and insights but also the convening power of the largest network of researchers and scientists mobilized for the SDGs.

Our flagship studies, analyses, and datasets - including the SDG Index - are globally-recognized and credible resources for the policy and investment communities.


SDG Index

SDG Financing

Geospatial Data

Policy Tracking

International Spillovers

Solutions & Partnerships

  • Esri
  • SDSN
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas
  • ArcGIS Platform

The Sustainable Development Goals Transformation Center aims to bring under the same roof and further develop the wealth of data, policy and financing instruments and tools to promote SDG implementation globally and to engage with key stakeholders, including international institutions, governments, businesses and civil society.

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